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How do I reach and attract a local audience?

You are on a perfect path with this question. The strongest & fastest way for your website growth is by targeting your local audience.

It is very dificult to rank in national or global search results. Narrowing your audience based on location can help you reach the top of search results in no time!

Let’s get to the strategy

Complete your Google My Business Account

The first and the most crucial step is to promote your business locally.

Finishing your “Google My Business Account” setup will help your business get a spot on Google Maps; it will allow customers to review and provide feedback. Make sure you respond to each review.

Google Maps is your website’s best friend, and it will help a user search intent get more relevant information about businesses closer to the current user location.

If your website business address is closer to this user and if your website quality beats the competitor websites in the range of the user, you might show up on top.

However, there are more measures google considers while ranking, but do not underestimate Google Maps’ power.

Create pages with the locations you target in the page title

If you have multiple business locations, create one page with all of them.

Create unique and valuable content for each page.

If you are a software company in “New York” and want to target all districts.

You can create pages with titles as:

  • Software Company in New York
  • Developer Company in The Bronx
  • IT recruiter Company in Brooklin, NY
  • IT Company | Manhattan
  • Webdesign Company – Queens
  • Web Company, Staten Island

Create Blog Posts with localized content

Let’s first understand a key thing about SEO, the more specific you go about anything, the better the results.

Publishing content where keywords associated with specific locations, you will establish stronger connection with those locations.

Participate in local events and write an article or a press release about it.

Build links and citations in local directories and topics

Building links is an SEO strategy.
Help establish your local online presence by getting your business listed in local directories and building links on local pages.

Adding links in a local media source like a newspaper or television station can benefit. Or Links from other local business pages. Have your outreach specialist look for local link-building opportunities.

Get presence on localized social media

Get active in your local social media communities.

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