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How to improve sales on my website?

There are various elements to analyze because every website has specific needs according to its purpose. Therefore, when you want to transform your visitors into buyers, you should fulfill some requirements.

The first thing you have to do is to ask yourself the big question:

Would I buy this product if I arrived on this website?

The first step is to choose your main product. From here, the approach can vary.

I. Main Page (First Page)

You can promote your product from the first page, making it easier for your consumer to find it.

II. Categories

  1. Structure all your products into categories.
  2. Subdivide all those categories into more categories (the more, the better). This way, you can create specific structures suitable for every product.
  • Correlate products. You can do this manually or choose them from the same category. This way, your clients might find something they need but didn’t think of it from the beginning.
  • Dynamic definition of characteristics. Use filters to ease your customer’s search.

III. Search Bar

It is fast and easy to use. As a result, most customers use it when they want a specific product.

Better your SEO

You can’t improve sales if you do not get more customers to your website.

How do you get more traffic? Start publishing more blog posts; double or triple the blogs you write per week.

Share your content on social media, grow your follower’s numbers, write valuable content, and increase user activity with those posts.

Check if your website SEO respects all the guidelines. Add internal linkings so the user can find them easier.

Improve your user experience on the website, add a newsletter & let them know when you publish something new.

Write better content

Content is the king. Do not just write a piece of content.

Make a plan, a strategy, and choose a story to tell.

Let’s say you want to write about: How to improve sales on your website.

Now, you could evolve this into a series of posts, such as:

  • How to write better content
  • Improve your graphics – how to
  • What is Seo?
  • Better your SEO – steps
  • Creating a series of blog posts that’s related
  • Backlinks? What is the fuss with them

Having all these series of related content, now it’s time to link them up to each other. When a user arrives at one of them, it will easily find the relation between them and continue reading.

What do you think might happen if this particular user read more than a few of your posts? He might become your customer or refer a friend when he has the chance to just because you wrote good quality content.

Improve your graphics

Improving your graphics quality can only help you in the long run. One image value is 1000 words, so why not grow the quality of your content with a great image or graphic?

Images grab user attention and might get it to come and read your story. Make sure he has an excellent valuable story to read… otherwise, he will go.

Your website might be outdated

Create a new website with a fresher design and improved usability.

Minimize the choices a user has on your website on any given page. Your responsibility as the website owner is to control what your user has available and what you want him to do on any particular page.

Watch your analytics closer, and see how the user navigates on your current website. If he arrives on the shop page, where you list all your products, what percentage of users use the “Add to cart” buttons compared to the one inside the product page. You might be surprised… but before adding to the cart, the user goes to the product page to check reviews or see more product details before adding it to the cart.

If you find out that under 5% of your users click the “add to cart” button on Shop Page listed product after your research, you might consider removing it from there because each button takes up space, and a clean room is essential.

You might see that users use the “add to favorites” button more from the Shop Page, so you could make it more accessible for them to do so. And also improve your Favourites Page sistem.

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