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I have lots of links to my website. Why am I not ranking well?

Google considers the quality of your backlinks, not the number. You want to obtain links from authoritative websites in your industry to indicate that you’re a knowledgeable and reliable company to do business with.

Having a lot of wrong links can damage your rankings. If that’s the case, you can remove them from targeting your website. First, you must do some research to find out all the websites targeting you, then find out their DA and PA authority, and if any of it is low, you might want to remove it.

If your backlinks are good enaugh

If this is the case, then you might have another problem such as:

  • Website technical problem
  • Wrong website structure
  • You are not focusing the right keywords in your content
  • Your content is low quality
  • You might have stronger competitors
  • And so on…

You first have to identify the problem, fix it, and submit your sitemap to google to be reindexed. If your website value grows from these modifications, your rank will improve.

I recommend chatting with an SEO expert and getting a deeper understanding of what is there to be done. Each website and each domain activity is a bit different, so each website has different approaches.

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