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Another trick from the book to get more ranking power to the page is to help Google or other search engines better understand the images you include in your pages. If done right, you will also rank higher in image search with that terms.

Now, to give a page more value, it’s a no-brainer that adding an image to the content will make it more exciting and appealing to the reader. It will also make it more appealing to google eyes if you respect the following:

Add image title

Adding an image title will describe the image in a few words, best if you also use related page keywords, as it will increase your keyword targetting. A page is constructed by text; the text is divided by titles, paragraphs, and lists. Usually divided into sections of content been built with a title and paragraphs, keeping that in mind, as a general rule, try to add an image correlated to your section title in each section. And correlate your image title with keywords from that title section as well.

Rename your image

Renaming your image with a long-term keyword that you use on that specific page also. Best if you name it as the post’s title if you have only one image. If you have multiple photos, you should rename them with their corresponding section title. (Sidenote: use page keywords in your subtitles).

Image geo-location and source

Most of us download the images from online sources that will mark the picture with its source location; if you want your image to be considered unique, you should edit the image, change its size also, recommend anyway that all your photos are the same size, it will help your readers to get used with a pattern.

You could also add image geo-location; it will help to target more specific areas, like a country or even a city.

Read more about how Google handles images and how they find where the same image is used on other websites. You can read how to change that so your vision can be treated as unique or at least similar, avoid the exact match, as it will not help your ranking.

Add image tags

Add tags to your image, as on web pages, you can add keywords to your vision. To help google better categorize it, you can combine both image keywords & tags with its description for that specific page or section.


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