Keyword Research on your niche


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You will provide us with your niche, at least one competitor, and one of your main product keywords, and webackit will cover the rest.

We will find out all related keywords used by your competitors, see what works and doesn’t, and provide you with an excellent with what we found.

The Report will contain the keyword, expected search volume per month, competition of that keyword (if you will have many competitors on that specific keyword, and how hard it will be to rank on it). The found keywords will be short and long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords contain multiple words.

They are the ones that provide specific searches, and statistics say that users are more likely to buy when they find exactly what they searched for.

For an example of the long-tail keyword “dining chair with arms” it’s more usable than “dining chair” as this last one is more general or even “chair,” obviously on the “chair” keyword, you will fight against literally all websites that sell chairs, and you might not win. But if you focus your budget on long-tail keywords like “dining chair with arms,” you might get the expected traffic result from your website.

Using this list, you can do a complete plan for your website, starting with your main pages, product categories, product names, blog posts, and even on the social media account names, content, etc.

Sidenote: Some activity domains are not so vast as IT; for example, for this reason, we cannot provide a fixed number of a minimum report of keywords in advance.

But if you need a specific number, send us an email with your request in advance. We will get back to you with a minimum number of keywords that we will provide and a different product price if it’s smaller than expected, and if you are happy with the proposal, you can place the order at that point.


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