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If you need to insert anything dinamic into your text easly, using wp shortcodes is extremely handy and easy-to-use tool.

Usage case scenario: you write in your blog, posts that cover some of your products, instead adding a simple url/link to your product, using a shortcode such as: [/display_my_product_details id=103] you could display your product url, name, price, button for add to cart directly into your text with live data.

There are cases when you will rename your product, or it’s url and your link from the post will become dead link, or you will write the product price witch later might change, and you will induce trust issues to your readers if they see the price is different from the blog post compared to the product page.

Once you have the custom shortcode build for you, you will be able to use it’s features any time you will have a similar need. You can get it customised to do different things based on settings you give it. Exaple you could customize it to display only name,link, url or maybe you want it to be displayed after the text and to look like in your shop product listing, and so on.

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