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A meta description is a blurb of information that supports the meta title.

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A meta description is a summary of information that supports the meta title. It also helps search engines understand the content that is displayed on SERPs. Add an optimized meta description with fewer than 320 characters, includes the primary keyword near the front of the narrative, and include a soft call to action encouraging readers to click.

What is a meta description?

A meta description is an HTML element that contains a short summary of your page and generates the brief snippet you see underneath a site’s title in Google’s organic search results. Here’s an example of what it usually looks like:

Why is your content’s meta description essential?

  • Help convince people to click on your result in the organic listings.
  • Help with rankings as well.

In the example image provided, you can see that one word is bolded in the description. That one word was part of the user search and is bolded for the user convenience to find more easily related searched information.

Writing a good meta description is critical in convincing the user to click on your URL instead of your competitors. As well as to write an optimized meta title.

Tips & Tricks to writing descriptions:

  • Research your target keyword, find out what keyword variations are there.
  • Check out your competitors’ related pages.
  • Write short and clear descriptions
  • Using power words will help to evoke strong emotions

What Are Power Words?

Power words are words that can trigger an emotional response. Marketers use it to compel people to take action.

They are so persuasive that your audience can’t resist carrying out your desired action. Whether it is to click a link, read a blog post or purchase a product, power words do a lot of convincing.

Examples of power words for curiosity: Secret, Discover, Uncover, Reveals, Discrete, Hidden, Taboo, Exclusive, Private.


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